New Holland T9.435 / T9.480 / T9.530 / T9.565 / T9.600 / T9.645 / T9.700 Tier 4B (final) Tractor Service Repair Manual (PIN JEEZ00000FF405001 and above)

If you own a New Holland T9.435 / T9.480 / T9.530 / T9.565 / T9.600 / T9.645 / T9.700 Tier 4B (final) Tractor, this is a GREAT MANUAL TO HAVE.


This Service Repair Manual has easy-to-read text sections with top quality diagrams and instructions, lots of photographs, illustrations etc.


Part number 48193205

Market Product: North America


Models Cover:


T9.435 CVT, TIER 4B [JEEZ00000FF405001 – ]

T9.435 Powershift, TIER 4B [JEEZ00000FF405001 – ]

T9.480 CVT, TIER 4B [JEEZ00000FF405001- ]

T9.480 Powershift, TIER 4B [JEEZ00000FF405001 – ]

T9.530 CVT, TIER 4B [JEEZ00000FF405001 – ]

T9.530 CVT, scraper, TIER 4B [JEEZ00000FF405001 – ]

T9.530 Powershift, TIER 4B [JEEZ00000FF405001 – ]

T9.530 Powershift, scraper, TIER 4B [JEEZ00000FF405001 – ]

T9.565 CVT, TIER 4B [JEEZ00000FF405001 – ]

T9.565 Powershift, TIER 4B [JEEZ00000FF405001 – ]

T9.600 CVT, TIER 4B [JEEZ00000FF405001 – ]

T9.600 CVT, factory SmartTrax™, TIER 4B [JEEZ00000FF405001 – ]

T9.600 CVT, scraper, TIER 4B [JEEZ00000FF405001 – ]

T9.600 Powershift, TIER 4B [JEEZ00000FF405001 – ]

T9.600 Powershift, factory SmartTrax™, TIER 4B [JEEZ00000FF405001 – ]

T9.600 Powershift, scraper, TIER 4B [JEEZ00000FF405001 – ]

T9.645 Powershift, TIER 4B [JEEZ00000FF405001- ]

T9.645 Powershift, factory SmartTrax™, TIER 4B [JEEZ00000FF405001- ]

T9.645 Powershift, scraper, TIER 4B [JEEZ00000FF405001 – ]

T9.700 Powershift, TIER 4B [JEEZ00000FF405001 – ]

T9.700 Powershift, factory SmartTrax™, Tier 4B [JEEZ00000FF405001 – ]

T9.700 Powershift, scraper, TIER 4B [JEEZ00000FF405001 – ]


Service Repair Manual Covers:




Power Coupling


Front Axle System

Rear Axle System

Power Take Off

Brakes and Controls

Hydraulic Systems

Hitches, Drawbars, and Implement Couplings

Frames and Ballasting



Tracks and Track Suspension

CAB Climate Control

Electrical System

Platform, Cab, Bodywork, and Decals

Special Tool Index

Electrical Schematic

Hydraulic Schematic


Product details:

File Format:  PDF

Language: English

Manual Pages:  6050

Manual Type: Service Repair Workshop Manual

Compatible: All Versions of Windows & Mac, Android, Linux


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