HITACHI ZAXIS 125US 135US 135USK 135USL 225US 225USLC EXCAVATOR Operator manual

This manual has been developed to assist you in understanding how to operate and maintain your machine. It contains a list of safety precautions, a discussion of the controls and instruments, procedures for operating the machine, a maintenance schedule, a brief troubleshooting section, and a specification section.


The Manual can be viewed on any computer, as well as zoomed and printed.


Models and Serial No.


HITACHI ZAXIS 125US – 010570 and up

HITACHI ZAXIS 135US 135USK 135USL – 062955 and up

HITACHI ZAXIS 225US 225USLC – 104640 and up


Operator Manual Cover:



Safety Signs

Components Name

Operator’s Station


Operating the Engine

Driving the Machine

Operating the Machine



Maintenance under Special Environmental Conditions




Optional Attachment and Device



Product details:

Pages:  323

File Format:  PDF

Language: English

Compatible: All Versions of Windows & Mac


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